Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have been browsing online like I have money. It is what I do when I am bored. I find all this junk that I want and bookmark it. I never have buy any of it, but I still keep adding to the list. It is a strange compulsion.

We have gone over budget for the last few months. It is really stressing my husband out. I am trying to be good! I thought I might sure with you what I would buy if I had money. That way it is kind of like having it and showing it off.

Organic Romper-on sale for $15.00
Aaron and I have a joke about squirrel shirts from a reality show we watched one time. It was a show we only watched once, but it was super unintentionally funny. I think that this the way with most reality shows.

For my husband
I may have to buy this for real. It would look great in Ellie's room

For Milo's room where work has stalled.
What would you buy if you had some cash?

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  1. Nice picks... I'd buy a couch. I am dying for a new couch!


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